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Finishing your saddle or any other leatherwork is one of the most crucial steps, but we supply the best products available to make finishing a simple undertaking.
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WyoSheen leather finish

WyoSheen leather finish has become one of the leading products in the leather working industry. Sheridan Leather is the exclusive distributor of this product and will be selling the following: trade name, sourcing information, domain name and packaging materials/labelling will be SOLD at auction May 18th, 2016 at 2047 Coffeen Ave, Sheridan WYO 82801.
Please watch www.sheridanleather.forsale for the most up to date information about the auction.
Quik Slik

Quik Slik takes the work out of creating smooth, glassy edges on any leather working project. Sheridan Leather is the sole distributor for this product and will be selling the following: trade names, manufacturing information, domain names packaging/labelling supplies at AUCTION May 18th, 2016 at 20147 Coffeen Ave, Sheridan WY, 82801.  Please watch www.sheridanleather.forsale for the most up to date information about the sale.
Fiebing's Tan-Kote
Our Price: $6.75

Tan-kote is mainly used as a top coat when finishing  projects.  It wears wells, but can be removed with soap and water. Use on all leather goods excluding suede.  Made by Fiebing's in the USA.
Fiebing's Mahogany Antique
Mahogany Antique Finish
Our Price: $8.00

Antique Finish is used after stamping or tooling to darken the recessed areas and make you work stand out. The paste is applied with a sheepskin swatch with these instructions: After your work has received one or two light coats of Neatsfoot or Olive oil and is allowed to sit over night, apply a coat of WyoSheen of RTC to seal the surface of the leather and prevent streaking. Next apply Antique Finish liberally, making sure all areas are well covered, buff away excess with clean sheepskin swatches and top off with WyoSheen or TanKote. Made by Fiebing's in the USA.
Please Note: 4oz size can be shipped USPS, select USPS at checkout for the best pricing. NO International shipping.
Our Price: $8.00

Pro-Carv, made by Bee Natural, is a concentrated formula to replace casing leather when forming, stamping or tooling. It can be applied with a sponge or you can dunk your leather into the mixed solution.  Instructions for use:
Dilute concentrate with water: 1 part Pro-Carv to 10 parts water is recommended for carving and tooling.  When immersing the leather for shaping or forming, add 8 oz. Pro-Carv to 3 gallons of water.
Immerse for about 3-5 minutes to allow proper saturation, and let the surface dry somewhat before beginning forming or carving.
RTC Sheridan Resist & Finish
Our Price: $22.00

RTC Sheridan Resist & Finish, made by Bee Natural, is an easy to use finish for all top grain leather. RTC gives superior resistance and shine,  is often used in place of WYO Sheen when antiquing.  Choose 16 or 32 oz size.